Food skin pack

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Food vacuum skin packaging is to completely seal the food between the transparent vacuum film and the chassis under vacuum. Such vacuum packaging can maintain the color, flavor and freshness of the food, and has the dual effects of three-dimensional packaging display and vacuum preservation.

The characteristics of food body vacuum packaging are as follows:

1. Vacuum fully-sealed body-fitting packaging to lock the natural freshness, aroma, color and juice of food, and achieve the original taste effect.

2. With high-barrier vacuum packaging film, it can block oxygen, moisture, etc., inhibit the propagation of aerobic bacteria in a low temperature environment, and extend the shelf life of food.

3. Prevent ice crystals from forming on the surface of food during refrigerated transportation, and prevent food from drying and cracking due to stab wounds.

4. For multi-product combination packaging, consumers can open it immediately. If the food in the remaining packaging can be put back in the refrigerator to continue refrigeration for future consumption, it is hygienic and convenient.

Scope of application: all kinds of seafood and aquatic products, frozen food, fresh food, meat food, beef steak lamb chops food, box packaging of meatballs, pickled food, fruits and vegetables, cooked food and other vacuum packaging.

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