Skin pack film Surlyn film

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Our skin packaging film--


Surlyn Film Skin Packaging Film

Surlyn is used by customers in a variety of applications--from food and cosmetic packaging to consumer and industrial goods--to make life better, healthier and safer for people everywhere.

Typically used as a food contact or seal layer in flexible packaging, Surlyn packaging resins are optimized for efficient blown film and extrusion coating. Choose from a wide variety of proven grades, to meet specific packaging needs.


PE skin pack film Anti-rust packaging film

Eco-friendly, self adhesive, best transparence, moisture proof; specialize in packing hardware, furniture, wooden product, door accessories, auto part and so on.


Skin packaging film Anti-static film electronic pack film

Eco-friendly, moisture proof, and anti-mangle; specialize in packaging printed circuit board (PCB), mother board and electronic components!


VSP Film For food/shrimp/frozen food products
Vacuum Skin Packaging for Food is an method through which under the condition of vacuum the product is skin tightly packaged in between an upper of film and a backing tray(or board or film), offering dual functions as skintight visual display package and freshness preserving via vacuum sealing.


PVC skin packaging film rigid film

Rigid sheet, high toughness, is suitable for packaging products, do not have special eco-friendly request.


PET/PG rigid skin pack film

Semi-rigid sheet, Eco-friendly, top transparence and nice prolongation, high toughness, be suitable for packaging all products.

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