Food skin pack gold plate

Food skin pack plate or paper card can significantly extend the shelf life of food, bring considerable sustainable development benefits, in line with the new trend of fresh food market gradually changing from modified atmosphere packaging to skin packaging. Its innovative technology can help processors improve operational efficiency, and the unique appearance can increase the attractiveness of retailers, achieve packaging differentiation, and bring more convenience to consumers. For meat, poultry, fish, smoked processed meat and cheese processors, using vacuum packaging for food packaging packaging can reduce production costs. The zero-waste edge technology used in this packaging solution can reduce the amount of top film used by 40% compared with traditional skin-packing equipment, thus reducing the overall cost of packaging materials. Since the film is 100% utilized, it also avoids the corresponding waste disposal expenses. The carbon footprint of this product throughout the entire supply chain is reduced by 60% compared to traditional skin pack packaging. Furthermore, compared with modified atmosphere packaging, it can save up to 80% of transportation and storage space