Vacuum skin pack machine for food

Food Vacuum/ Skin Packaging Machine  IDP-7150


Vacuum Skin Packaging for Food is an innovative method through which under the condition of vacuum the product is skin tightly packaged in-between a upper layer of film and a backing tray (or board or film), offering dual functions as skintight visual display package and freshness preserving via vacuum sealing.


Vacuum Chamber Size: L 710 X W 500 X H 90mm
Heater: 6 KW
Vacuum Pump: 110 cubic meters/min. ( Bosch Vacuum Pump Model No.111)
Machine Size: L 830 X W 750 X H1050 mm
Applicable Film Width: 760mm
Power Supply: 380V, 3 PH, 50/60HZ

Main features:
1. Skintight vacuum package can prevent product water element vaporization and shrinkage, so as to preserve its original product tenderness, aroma, color and flavor.
2. High-barrier vacuum skin packaging film can barrier oxygen and contain bacteria breeding. It can prevent the fat from oxidation and discoloring, so as to achieve a longer shelf life.
3. After vacuum packaging and freezing storage, the cooked meat can taste more tender and juicy.
4. It can prevent ice crystal built-up and desiccation due to freezer burn while being refrigerated.

5. It can do combined package which the consumer can partially open to eat the desired part of the product then return the remained package to refrigerator for later use for more convenience.
6. Highly clear vacuum skin pack film offers a visual display package which is more attractive and can evoke purchase desire.