Porous board

Skin packaging board/Porous board


We carry a full selection of porous board for skin packaging applications, including different types and gauges for customers to choose from basing on their actual applications.


Main features:
1. Superior porosity property to ensure perfect and fast skin packing via vacuum suction within 4-7 seconds on the skin packaging machine.
2. Offering strong and long-standing adhesion onto various types of skin packaging films.
3. Smooth flat surface finish allows 4-6 color high
 quality printing for better visual presentation.
4. Desirable stiffness to avoid board warp after skin packaging.
5. Comparing to the common boards, no need for extra dot-line perforating or slot cutting, so as to retain the package integrity and a value-added perfect look.
6. Excellent compatibility with skin packaging adhesive/glue for easy glue coating process